05 Mei 2008

Job Training for Best Students

04 July 2007

Nowadays job facility for students has become more important in a world of education, especially for those who had background in vocational schools in industry. Trough one of various program held by PT. Toyota Astra Motor, those necessity will be fulfill.

Realization for cooperation between these two main areas -education and industry- is conducted by PT. Toyota Astra Motor trough it program called Toyota Technical Education Program (T-TEP). This program actually held since 1994. Every period T-TEP has conducted various activities, such as training for students, training for teachers, school outfit donation to vocational students for Jakarta and its surrounding area, the donation also given to international scope schools.

Double System Program (DSP)

On Friday, June 22 2007, T-TEP held one of it various activity as the agenda of its programs. The activity was opening ceremony of the Double System Program. Actually, this was a closing activity for the last DSP, which had been hold for past a year. It was one of the routine activities, which held annually by PT. TAM, the ninth closing ceremony activities was also as an opening ceremony for the next program. This Ceremonial activity was attend by Jakarta Education Bureau and off course attended by PT. Toyota Astra Motor dealers.

"DSP purpose is to prepare an employee", said Mr. Rio- Training Department of TECHNICAL SERVICE DIVISION-PT TOYOTA-ASTRA MOTOR.

The Objective of DSP is to gather outstanding students especially to prepare ready employee from industrial background. DSP as an national scope program already participated by several schools in Jakarta like SMKN 26 Jakarta, SMKN 35 Jakarta, SMKN 36 Jakarta, SMKN 39 Jakarta and the others from all over the city in Indonesia.

Before joining DSP, students have to pass the selection steps, start from their own school. Each of school have quote for 20 students, which is considered as the best students in it schools. The next step is those 20 students must compete with other hundred students from all school participants for getting an opportunity to join the training mentioned as on the job training. The students will join this training for 1 year or depends on the necessities of the Toyota’s dealers in Jakarta and its surrounding area.

In the end of training, student who passed the competencies test will get an official certificate from PT. TAM. This certificate will be very much useful for them in order to get a priority to join the TOYOTA’s dealers after they graduated from school.

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ririn mengatakan...

tu kan,,, job vacancy tu sebenernya banyak di indonesia. yg ini malah baik bgt, pake ngasih pelatihan segala,,, kenapa msh banyak pengangguran,ya.. huhh,,,pada males,sih..hehe

semrawut mengatakan...

klo ga mau jd pengangguran intinya harus punya semangat + keyakinan. slanjutnya biar taqdir yg bicara. hidup pengangguran!! hehehe..