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Becoming An Expert Technician Through T-TEP

23 April 2007

The time has come for industrial sector and educational sector to work hand-in-hand in bridging the gap between them. That way, we will have college graduates with more competencies and readiness in facing the professional world. Having more skillful labor will undoubtedly alleviate the nation?s poverty level.

This kind of cooperation is what Toyota has in mind for years. Therefore, PT Toyota -Astra Motor (TAM), Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and Toyota Dealers across Indonesia collaborate in making the Toyota Technical Education Program (T-TEP). The program is aimed at transferring the advanced technology and knowledge used by Toyota to vocational schools and technical institutions.

Syllabus Adjustment
Through T-TEP, Toyota guides local vocational schools to stay in touch with the latest automotive technology. T-TEP cooperates with those schools in adjusting the syllabus with TEAM21 Toyota Technician and Pro Technician. Within their three-years-college life, students will receive all the latest Toyota-related-material in order to make them ready for the professional work. T-TEP has also cooperated with Middle and Higher Learning Directorate General in adjusting the syllabus with those from New TEAM which is also used in TAM Training Center.

Vocational schools teachers participated in the automotive training held by Training Department National Service Division Toyota. They were given automotive-related theories just before lunch time. Afterwards, they got the opportunity to practice what they had just received by using Training Aid Support.

Training Aid Support
Vocational Schools put more emphasize on practice, and thus the availability of training aid is highly important. Unfortunately, having one with the latest technology is often found to be very costly. Having aware of this matter, T-TEP provide Training Aid Support for the schools, such as practice car, engine simulator, electricity master, brake simulator, engine partial assy, and caddy & tool set. T-TEP also provides Training Manual Books and CDs.

Training for Teachers and Students
Having Training Aids and Manuals would not be enough had the teachers and students did not have a clue on how they are going to use them. Hence, T-TEP provides training for students and teacher on a regular basis. Each year, teachers from selected vocational schools take part in T-TEP?s Basic Automotive, Advanced Automotive and New Mechanism Training. There is one batch for each level in a year.

Meanwhile, T-TEP also gives opportunity for the best students from numerous automotive vocational schools to experience the On-the-Job Training (OJT) Program held by T-TEP. In Jakarta, the program takes place for one year. While in other provinces, the duration of the program depends on the local dealer policy in coordination with the Local Training Center.

In the dealer?s auto repair shop, the students will have first-hand experience in handling Toyota's customer. To avoid doing even minor faults in repairing customer?s automobile, students were first given extra training on Toyota Technician and Toyota Pro Technician. At the end of the OJT Program, students that have passed the competency test will get certificate from TAM acknowledging their expertise. Had someday in the future Toyota?s dealers have vacant position as mechanic in their auto repair shop, the certificate will be a golden ticket that facilitate the T-TEP students? way in becoming employees at the Toyota dealers. The certificate will prove the students? superior apprehension on Toyota?s mechanism.

Best vocational schools have a chance to get first-hand experience in handling real customer's automobile through T-TEP's On The Job Training Program (left). State Minister of Education Bambang Sudibyo oficially announced SMKN 6 Bandung as T-TEP institutions (right).

T-TEP across the Globe
At this very moment, T-TEP has been organized in 50 countries comprises over 350 technical institution. In Indonesia, since 1991 PT TAM has run the program in five technical institution, namely SMKN 26 Jakarta (pamer dikit.. he..he..he..), Technical Training Center in Pulogadung, SMKN 6 Bandung, SMKN 2 Depok in Jogjakarta and SMKN 5 Surabaya. Furthermore, TAM has also partnered with 25 vocational schools as Sub T-TEP institution in Java, Bali, West Nusa Tenggara, East Borneo, North Celebes, Riau, West Sumatra and South Celebes. The difference between T-TEP and Sub T-TEP was on the availability of Training Aid Support which is only provided for the T-TEP schools.

T-TEP has positive consequences for both the students and Toyota itself. For the students, the training provided by Toyota will make them more prepared in facing the professional world. In turn, when Toyota business is on the rise and in urgent need of more technicians, Toyota can easily hired fresh yet skillful technician.

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